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Exhibition Rules

I. Registration:

1. Contact the organizer and request and submit the registration form  (please affix the company and the owner seal).
2. When registration is completed, the exhibitors will be invoiced for payment (please issue checks honorable seven days before the exhibition, namely before July. 31th, 2019).

II. Cancellation:

1. The exhibitor shall not transfer the booths they rent or use the booths in any name other the name it uses (including the sponsor name) when applying for the exhibition. In the case violation of the aforesaid rule, the organizer will take back the transferred booth and cease the exhibition by the non- registration vendor.

2. The products displayed by the exhibitor must be related to the theme of this exhibition or the exhibitor will be deemed canceling the exhibition and fees paid for the exhibition will not be refunded.

3. In the case the exhibitor cancels the exhibition before the exhibitor orientation (based on the date announced by the organizer), the organizer will confiscate 1/2 of the exhibition fee and return the remaining amount without interest.

III. Allocation registration:

1. Upon the registration deadline or when the booths are fully booked, the organizer will divide the sections based on the product categories; the exhibitors will select their booth locations during the pre-exhibition orientation in their product areas (the location should not cross the walkway).

2. Exhibitors with more booths will be given higher priority to select the booths; in the case of same number of booths booked by different exhibitors, the order of selection shall be decided by the dates their registration is completed.

3. A pre-exhibition orientation for the exhibitors will be held with a seven-day notice to the exhibitors or vendors.

4. In the case there are vendors requesting participation in the exhibition after the booth allocation, the organizer will assign their booth locations and exhibitors with booths already allocated should not contend with it.

. Standard booth specification:

-Booth dimension: 3m× 3m

-A booth includes basic partition, equipment, a composite cabinet-type reception desk, 3 projection lamps, 3m × 3m carpet (80% new), bilingual company full title, 500 watt basic power and a 110V power outlet.

The exhibitors must apply for driving power, 24-hour power, internet and telephone lines.

The exhibitors can choose their own design of the booth decorations or the decorations provided by the organizer. For decorations designed by the exhibitors, the organizer will only provide carpet and power wiring.

Withdrawal rules

-The exhibitor shall not transfer the booths or participate in the Expo in the name other than the name it used when registering with the Expo (including the name of the sponsor). In case of default, the organizer may take back the booths transferred and discontinue the exhibition by the non-registering vendor.

-The products displayed by the exhibitor must be relevant to the theme of the Expo, otherwise the exhibitor will be deemed to have withdrawn from the Expo and the fee paid for participating in the exhibition will not be refunded.

-In the event that the exhibitor withdraws from the Expo prior to the introduction meeting (the date announced by the organizer) for the exhibitors, the organizer will deduct 1/2 of the exhibition fee paid and the balance will be refunded without interest.