2019 Tainan Biotechnology and Green Technology Expo (TBGTE) 9/27~9/30
Innovative biotechnology & sustainable green energy 

The Biotechnology and Green Technology Expo (TBGTE)  hosted by the Tainan City Government will mark the ninth (9th) session this year. With the policy support of the City Government and the geographical advantages of the proximity to the industrial cluster of biotechnology and green energy, the Expo provides an excellent marketing platform for displaying the high quality products and technologies of the city, enhances cooperation among businesses to bring about market opportunities for the operators and will shape Tainan into a major technology hub for the development of the biotechnology and green power.


Time:SEP.27th  (Fri) ~ SEP.30th (Mon), 2019  10:00~17:00 
【The Expo ends at 16:00 on SEP.30】

Place:Commercial Exhibition Center Tainan (No.77, Yilin Rd, Rende District, Tainan City)

Directed by:Tainan City Government, Ministry of Economic Affairs (Bureau of Energy)
Organized by:Bureau of Economic Development, Tainan City Government
Executed by: Commercial Times, Want Want China Times Group
Co-organized by:Taiwan Biotechnology Industry Alliance (TBIA), Taiwan Green Technology Industry Alliance (TGTIA)

Expo areas:

-Government Image Area: government agencies (e.g. Ministry of Economic Affairs, Council of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Environmental Protection Administration, Ministry of Science and Technology or their units)

-Innovative Area:Innovations of the industry, educational institutions, research institutions, innovation incubation centers.

-International Industries Area:Overseas manufacturers, etc.

-Biotechnology Area:
(1)  Medical Equipment Section: rehabilitation equipment, therapy equipment, general medical aids, diagnostic equipment, medical detection equipment, etc.
(2)Beauty and Healthcare Section: local beauty care products, fitness products, massage chairs …… etc.
(3)Health Food Section: health foods, etc.
(4)Biotech Equipment and Products Section.

– Green Energy Area:
(1) Photovoltaic Section: solar panels, solar modules, etc.
(2) Energy Saving Section: LED bulbs and lamps, energy-saving home appliances, hydrogen electromagnetic products, ESCOs, smart grids, green mark appliances, etc.
(3) EV Section: electric cars, electric scooters, electric bikes, etc.
(4) Green Building Materials Section: latest environmentally friendly building materials.
(5) Green Energy Science City: Shalun Green Energy Science City
(6) Green Energy Equipment and Other Products Section
(7) Green Power Generation Section

Expo Activities

Product presentations and seminars: The exhibitors will be invited to hold product and technology presentations or seminars in the conference room during the expo period.

Exhibition fee

-Booth dimension: 3m × 3m , NT$26,250 (incl. tax)
-A booth includes basic partition, equipment, a composite cabinet-type reception desk, 3 projection lamps, 3m × 3m carpet (80% new), bilingual company full title, 500 watt basic power and a 110V power outlet.
-The exhibitors must apply for driving power, 24-hour power, internet and telephone lines.
-Please  issue checks honorable  before the exhibition, namely before Jult. 31th, 2019 .

Times to enter & exit the venue

Time to enter: 09:00~17:00 on SEP.25th (Wed.) and SEP.26th (Thu.)
Time to exit: After the end of the Expo~21:00 on  SEP.27th  (Mon.) and 09:00~17:00 on OCT. 1th (Tue.)

Contact the organizer and request and submit the registration form DOWNLOAD  (please affix the company and the owner seal).

Integrated marketing strategy

-Promotion campaign: A comprehensive promotion campaign will be launched through exposure in media including newspapers, magazines, national TV channels, local cable TV stations, internet and broadcast one week before the Expo.

-Online marketing: The information of the Expo will be spread through Facebook, Google/Yahoo! keywords, exhibition/exhibition hall official websites, Meet Taiwan and EDM.

-Special publications: Capitalizing on the media advantages of the Want Want China Times Group, the information of the Expo will be spread by publishing a Commercial Times special weekly on biotechnology and green energy and a guidebook of the Expo will be provided to the general public.

-Outdoor promotions: The information of the Expo will be shown through outdoor TVs or digital signage in Tainan and promotional flags will be put up at the intersections of the major roads of Tainan and Kaohsiung to boost the awareness of the Expo.

-Strategic alliance: Notices of the Expo will be sent to the local governments, research institutions, schools and industrial federations to increase participation and posters and tickets will be used as means of promotion in an joint effort with these organizations.

-Channel marketing: Invitation will be extended to the trade, distribution and manufacturing sectors as well as the colleges, associations and welfare committees through the distribution of tickets and posters to achieve real promotional effects.

-Stage activities: Stages will be provided to the exhibitors for holding activities to draw the attention from the media and the general public and best present their products. The mayor of Tainan City and central government chiefs will be invited to attend the opening ceremony and the media will also be invited to participate.     .    .

-Related activities: A press conference will be held before the Expo to create issues of biotechnology and green energy. The exhibitors will be invited to hold product and technology presentations or seminars. Lucky draws and gift items exchange will be held to attract the general public.


Expected effects

-Relevance to daily lives: The Expo will heighten the awareness of the general public on the biotechnology and green energy and increase their application of them.

-Opportunities of business expansion: The Expo will give impetus to the local industrial exhibitions to enhance industrial exchanges for improved profitability and competitiveness.

-Strengthening of the clusters: The Expo will bring about a clustering effect on the upstream, midstream and downstream operators of the biotechnology and green energy to fortify the industrial chain.

-Growth of the industries: The Expo will facilitate the development of biotech medical equipment and PV industries in southern Taiwan.

-Industrial innovation: The Expo will form a new trend for the indigenous biotechnology and green energy industries to shape a new LOHAS image of the city.


Allocation registration

-Upon the registration deadline or when the booths are fully booked, the organizer will divide the sections based on the product categories; the exhibitors will select their booth locations during the pre-exhibition orientation in their product areas (the location should not cross the walkway).

-Exhibitors with more booths will be given higher priority to select the booths; in the case of same number of booths booked by different exhibitors, the order of selection shall be decided by the dates their registration is completed.

-A pre-exhibition orientation for the exhibitors will be held with a seven-day notice to the exhibitors or vendors.

Withdrawal rules

-The exhibitor shall not transfer the booths or participate in the Expo in the name other than the name it used when registering with the Expo (including the name of the sponsor). In case of default, the organizer may take back the booths transferred and discontinue the exhibition by the non-registering vendor.

-The products displayed by the exhibitor must be relevant to the theme of the Expo, otherwise the exhibitor will be deemed to have withdrawn from the Expo and the fee paid for participating in the exhibition will not be refunded.

-In the event that the exhibitor withdraws from the Expo prior to the introduction meeting (the date announced by the organizer) for the exhibitors, the organizer will deduct 1/2 of the exhibition fee paid and the balance will be refunded without interest.