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Decorations info.

Decorations and water & power supply information

I. Decoration materials/water and power facilities

To confirm the needs of the exhibitors fort the booths and electricity, please do submit the decoration, water and power supply application form. Please refer to the related decorations/water and power supply and equipment drawings, please refer to the attachment (standard booth application descriptions, water and power supply application and instructions, additional water and electricity application, water and power supply layout, electricity fee rates, additional booths and equipment application form and equipment chart)

(1)Standard booths application descriptions: company name, contact and choice of your own/organizer decorations.
(2)Additional water and electricity application: for application of additional water and electricity.
(3)Water and power supply layout: power/ water supply connections in the booth.
(4)Additional booths and equipment application: application for additional booths and equipment to the ones provided by the organizer.
(5)All the exhibitors are required to submit the application forms in order to guarantee their rights.

II. Decorations and exhibition instructions.

(1)A service counter (will be indicated in the booths layout) is set up for the decorations/water and power supply. The exhibitors fill out the service requirements sheet at the decorations/water and power supply service counter in case of the need for decorations/water and power supply service. The service personnel will process your requirements accordingly.
(2)The equipment provided in the booths will be based on the registration forms. Please apply for equipment based on the actual needs.
(3) The booth decorations must be limited to the rented area and no posters shall be put up on the inside and outside of the walls or other facilities.
(4) The exhibitor must ensure that the decoration contractor complies with the construction safety rules. All the decoration workers must wear helmets with the decoration company’s titles before entering the site. When working on decorations over two meters above the ground, the workers must use the false work with protection rails and wear helmets and safety ropes to avoid punishment by the Labor Standards Inspection Office.
(5) Please withdraw all the equipment and supplies in the exhibition venue around OCT 1th (Tue.). The items not removed will be cleaned up as wastes and the exhibitors shall bear the costs of the cleanup and shall not contend.
(6) No booths and obstacles shall be placed in front of the fire box and blocking of the emergency lights are strictly forbidden.
(7) Application of adhesive glue to the ground, direct impact on the ground or touching the ground with sharp objects are strictly forbidden.
(8) All decorations including all the promotion objects, such as balloons should not be higher than four meters.
(9) If you need to inspect/take measurements of the booth, please contact the center’s staff and inform them of any issues for proper handling.
(10) The area of cargo entrance and exit is 4.6 x 4.2 H meters (front), 4.76 x 4.5H meters respectively. Standard booth loading: 4.5 tons (standard booth area 3 x 3 meters). Please pay attention to the dimensions.
(11) Smoking, betel nuts chewing and alcohol drinking are forbidden in the center. Littering of wastes and discarded materials is strictly forbidden.
(12) All the exhibitors are required to turn off their stereo players during the ribbon cutting opening ceremony and are invited to attend the ceremony to add to the grandeur of the scene.
(13) The exhibitors are required to comply with the exhibition rules and the exhibited products must be consistent with names of the exhibition items indicated in the registration form. In the case of violation of the rules, the organizer may cease the exhibitors’ exhibition.
(14) For foreign products, the exhibitors should only exhibit legally imported ones. If the exhibitors are found violating this rule, in addition to the termination of the exhibition, the exhibitors should be responsible for the legal consequences.
(15) All the vehicles must enter or exit the venue from Yilin Road, and follow the directions of the signs and the security guards.
(16) To maintain the good image of the exhibition and the order in the exhibition venue, the use of microphones by the exhibitors is forbidden. The exhibitors should promote the sales by crying aloud or putting up posters with the wording of “clearance price” or “big sales” to compete on low prices.
(17) The organizer will not provide forklifting service. Please make arrangement for it if you have the need.
(18) To avoid affecting the entry and exit by the visitors, distribution of handouts/DMs at the major entrances is forbidden during the exhibition. A platform will be provided by the organizer for the exhibitors to place their handouts/DMs. Please place them neatly so the rights of other exhibitors will not be affected.