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about Commercial Times

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Want Want China Times Media Corporation

Since founding in 1950, the group has experienced more than half a century of growth and development .China Times has developed from the original newspaper industry, to the magazine industry, and further on to the publishing industry, network industry, and more. In order to strengthen the comprehensive services to the social public in the information times, participation in the operating of CTI Television Company Ltd. And China Television Company Ltd., China Times has formally become a media group involving multi-functional operation and providing diversified services from the original newspaper industry group dominated by the print media.

Commercial Times

First published on December 1st, 1978, the《Commercial Times》initial readership was the financial community of Taiwan.《Commercial Times》soon established its image as the sober but reliable and useful business daily newspaper whole island wide. For 32 years of development, the Commercial Times already became to be an important reference media for government financial and economic policy, corporate business successes, and effective advertising.

《Commercial Times》has high subscription rate about 75% of total distribution including 46.5% come from corporate, 29% come from house, and 19% come from retail sales.Today, the distribution networks:《Commercial Times》has holding 1,423 dealers and 23,500 retailers island wide. Nearly ten persons in each company read Commercial Times.

《Commercial Times》obtained a readership of million people; Commercial Times is one of the important business press media and owns lots of readers in the entire nation.  Almost one third of company directors and executives read the Commercial Times, which reaches more businessmen and investors than other daily newspaper.