2022 Tainan Automatic Machinery & Intelligent Manufacturing Show (2022 CTMS Tainan)

We have been holding the “Commercial Times Automatic Machinery Show” for over 30 years. Each show received warm response from the machine industry. As a media of business and industry, the Commercial Times has spared no efforts in facilitating the development of the machine industry as it strives to improve the “quality” and increase the “quantity” of its efforts in return for the recognition and trust of the operators.

For this show, an exhibition of the intelligent manufacturing industry is created in an active way to promote Industry 4.0 for the industry community and the general public to better understand the intelligent manufacturing industry and enhance the upgrade of local industry and exchange of business opportunities in machinery.

The Commercial Times shows are a leading benchmark in Taiwan both in terms of professional quality and scale. The past shows all attracted thousands of visitors with bustling business activities going on in the scene. As a long-time powerhouse for local industry upgrade and machinery business opportunities and a leading media platform of industrial information exchange, the Commercial Times has become the best irreplaceable service provider in Taiwan.

  • Show Dates & Hours: April 21-25, 2022, 10:00 ~ 17:00  (Close at 16:00 on last day)
  • Venue: ICC TAINAN (No. 3, Guiren 12th Rd., Guiren Dist., Tainan City)
  • Organizer:  Commercial Times 
  • Admission: Please present 2 business cards to our on-site counter to obtain admission badges.
  • Number of Booths: 600
  • Notice: For safety concern, people under the age of 12 and pets will be refused entry.
5 minutes walk from THSR Tainan Station 

Exhibition sections and products

  • Metal processing machinery area: Machine tools, milling machines, slides, industrial robots and various types of metal processing equipment.
  •  Automatic control and transmission and detection equipment area: Human-machine interface /controller, measuring instruments.
  •  Industrial machinery and related equipment area: 3D printing, line cutting machines, EDMs and plant equipment.
  •  Hardware tools and components area: Cutters, blades, hand tools, pneumatic tools, storage cabinets, etc.
  • Storage and transportation logistics equipment area: Storage equipment, transportation vehicles, conveyor belts, packaging machines.
  • Software and media area: Software tools, domestic and foreign media.
  • Intelligent manufacturing area: Intelligent mechanical model production line theme, robot, industrial sensor and connector, intelligent components and materials.


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